ISC Links

Many young Somalis in Islington are not in education, employment or training, and are then marginalised and fall prey to criminals and become involved in activities such as drugs, petty crime and anti-social behaviour. These young people find they cannot avoid the gangs and external help is often needed to re-engage them in positive activities.

ISC Links works with Islington Community Safety Partnership, the Police, the Youth Service, parents and young people to tackle social problems and increase community safety in Islington.

The project is focused on training and progression into employment through a busy ‘job club’ and links with local employers. Young people are also encouraged to take part in sport including football. Funding has been provided by Arsenal Football Club, the local Community Safety Team, BBC Children in Need and Trust for London

  • Re- engages young people with education and training
  • Provide tailored education and diversion away from alcohol and drugs such as khat
  • Boosts participation in sports
  • Trains local Somali volunteers to provide guidance and support to young people at risk
  • Progresses unemployed young people into training and jobs.

Amir says: "Since I started to attend ISC Links Job Club I saw many changes in myself. ISC Links activities have allowed me to become much more confident in terms of communication with others and I have developed talents that I did not know I had."